Commercial Roofing

Dynamic National Roofing provides top-quality commercial roofing services.

With millions of feet of roofing installed, serviced, maintained, and managed, Dynamic National Services has the experience and team you can count on to deliver a great warranted roofing system for an affordable cost.

With specialty crews who install TPO/PVC, modified bitumen, shingle, tile and metal roofing systems, Dynamic National Roofing can provide you with an in-depth perspective on the roofing system that best suits the needs of a building owner or manager.


Dynamic National Roofing works closely with some of the largest property managers and portfolio owners in the country. Our advantage is two-fold: Our people and our processes.

Dynamic National’s Roof Asset Archive system and daily photo reporting provide our clients an unparalleled view in to their roof asset planning and management.

Call us to receive a free full roof analysis and see how we can do the same for you.


Selecting a contractor who can deliver your re-roof project on-time and on budget is the most critical component of your roofing project.  The #1 reason for premature roof system failure is faulty workmanship. Dynamic National Services is fully vetted by most major material manufacturers and can offer no dollar limit labor and material warranties so our clients have peace of mind knowing their project has limited exposure to faulty workmanship issues.

We operate a fully staffed estimating, operations and field management team, who are capable of properly bidding and executing all the work we contract.

We have a 100% completion record and treat every project as the most important job we have.


Dynamic National Roofing provides installation technicians who specialize in each particular roof type.Whether it is a single-ply or modified bitumen flat roof, metal, tile or shingle, Dynamic has the right repair or installation team to meet your needs.

From warehouse to birdhouse, we roof it all.


We specialize in solving the tough problems other contractors shy away from.Whether it is a hard to reach location, a data center housing critical equipment, an occupied assisted living facility or leaks no one can seem to track down and repair, Dynamic National Services can help solve the problem.

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Insurance Claims Experts


Dynamic National Roofing services provide you with the best insurance claims support in the industry. We work side-by-side with you and your insurance company to assure every item is recovered to the best current standards. Our team is dedicated to bringing your asset up to current code requirements, provide top of the line products and highest quality, bringing you peace of mind.

We navigate the entire claims process for you, from start to finish.

Our standard practice includes upgrades to your roof for increased protection and long-lasting savings at no additional cost to you.

Why do we do it? Because you come first.

How do we do it? Our partners know we’re the best and work with us to get you the best.

Our services go beyond roofing… including gutters, downspouts, siding, painting, HVAC, windows and more…

Commercial roofing services provided…


Thermoplastic (TPO)

TPO single-ply roofing membranes are among the fastest-growing commercial roofing products and have gained broad industry acceptance for their many performance and installation advantages. A single-ply sheet known for its exceptional resistance to UV rays, ozone and weathering damage. It is known for being chemical resistant and reflective to redirect heat.


A thermoset rubber-based, flexible, weather-resistant material that comes in white and black. An EPDM roofing system can be fully secured with bonding adhesive, mechanically attached with fasteners, or ballasted down. The seams of the giant sheets of EPDM are sealed with seam tape. The carbon black is more UV and tear-resistant while white the titanium oxide white reflects more of the UV rays and heat. EPDM can last up to 30 years or more with proper installation and maintenance. It is known for its weather resistance and extreme flexibility.

Modified Bitumen 

Known for its increased durability to hail and foot traffic. It is made up mostly of tar and asphalt and is applied using torches. Modified Bitumen (MB) is asphalt that has had modifiers added to it to give it plastic or rubber-like properties. The most common types of modifiers being used are APP (Atactic Polypropylene) and SBS (Styrene Butadiene Styrene). … this application consists of one, two, or three ply systems.



Pro-Panel Roof System is a common metal roof system used for multiple type buildings. The fastening system includes a visible mechanically attached method of securing the roof to the purlins or decking. It comes with multiple rib patterns and extremely durable.


Standing Seam Metal Roof System consists of a concealed fastener panel system that creates a cleaner look with larger valleys of flat surface between the two laps. This metal roof system comes with multiple methods of locking systems, oil canning to prevent warping of field surface and known for it optimum ability to keep water out.


Stone Coated Steel Roof System is growing in popularity among those that are looking for energy efficiency, lightweight and slate like look. This system comes in various styles and designs focused on providing the appearance of slate tile with a lower cost and equal longevity.



Slate Roof System is one of the top aesthetically pleasing systems on the market. Drawn by its architectural beauty and its diversity of natural design, slate is truly a classic roof system that has been around for centuries and last just as long.


Clay Roof System lays side-by-side with its slate cousin in aesthetic beauty and desire. As with slate architectural attractiveness and historical presence places it in the category with the classics, as its been around for centuries and built to last.


Concrete Tile Roof System is well known for its strength and beauty. With clean lines and creative profiles, this system is the most common of the stone roof system family. You can expect this roof to hold its place and provide protection for more than half a century.