Maintenance Plan

Does My Roof Need Regular Maintenance?

Maintaining your roof system is as important as changing the oil in your car. Without routine maintenance, your roof, like a motor, will begin to breakdown. Catching problems before they occur is a great way to maintain your car as well as your roof.
Studies show that a new roof system, when maintained from the beginning, can have its useful life extended by up to 40%. Annual or semi-annual inspections help to locate deficiencies and get them

Step 1: Initial Inspection/ Repair Assessment

Step 2: Annual Maintenance Services

Program Cost: Starting at $2.oo /square/year*

*Minimum $500

note: 1 square= 100 sq/ft

Multi-Year agreement Discounts available: Three Years(10%), Five Years (15%)

Step 3: Add-On Service (Optional)

…and many more!